John Caleb

Famous Soccer Legend

Johnathan Elbrick Jack Andrew Caleb was born on January 27th 1997 to Irish mother Lynn Tinson and English father Andrew 2002 he dreamed of being a soccer player and decided to play for his school team from 2003 to 2007 .in 2008 and 2009 he played for his intermediate 2010 he joined Arbed Rovers a soccer team .In The 2011 World Cup he ran to play and was so happy he kicked the ball hard on the goal on the final and he scored in 2012 he was the most famous football player.May 12th 2013 was his first soccer injury he had a leg string injury and fell forward and stretchered off the pitch and taken to the medical center and went out with crutches he returned on May 29th 2013 he was so famous that everyone said wow when they saw 2014 he spoke on the media saying thanks for your help now i am in the English national the 2015 world cup on May 30th 2015 he was tackled by James Morton and suffered a severe head injury back injury and neck injury he was lifted with a neck brace and Nebulizer and the stretcher and taken by ambulance to Mills Hospital where he underwent treatment for his injuries and x rays then he needed back surgery for a spinal injury then recovered and was discharged on June 1st 2015 and out of the game he will be out till June 7th

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