The 2015 World Cup is for under 20s like John Caleb born January 27th 1997

Jack Cowan born May 14th 1996 .Aldren Burr Born May 13th 1997 Nate Page born June 7th 1997.Jordan Coleman born January 23rd 1997 Stuart Coleman born July 28th 1998 Nicholas Coleman Born July 23rd 1999 Chris Coleman Born May 18th 2000 Josh Coleman Born May 12th 2001 Vincent Coleman Born May 10th 2002 for 13 to 20 years old .The Referee Kander Mosven is going to referee and injured players are forbidded but head cut people if they want to come they can come.and they have a license and if they faint they need ambulances.rules no fighting if you fight red card or yellow card.Former Soccer Legend Darren Hill born May 13th 1939.we got a lot of soccer legends including Roger Denson born May 8th 1953 who will be watching the game.and Pierre Morosvini born June 6th 1959.

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